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It's hard to find the right words to adequately describe how much Justin cares about his clients: from equipment lists pre-departure, to maximizing our photography time by knowing exactly where to go and the most efficient path between locations, to making himself available during off-hours and after the tour for additional questions or advice. Justin goes the extra mile. I have been on both his Zion and Palouse tours, so far, and he has given me the attention I needed in the field, taught me invaluable new skills for photo processing, and made me feel safe and secure at more challenging locations - including setting up my equipment on a cliffside shot when I could not, due to a fear of heights, and sticking with me to make sure I was feeling ok in order to allow me the chance to capture a shot of the "can't miss" beautiful curvy ravine. Adding to his overarching professionalism and friendliness is his extensive knowledge of photography techniques, equipment, and processing software. Justin is simply the whole package, which makes his work and tours stand apart from the rest.

- Julie Powers, Washington D.C.

Justin's workshop was a seminal event for me as a photographer. I have mostly been a self-taught photographer through years of exploring and experimenting on my own. But Justin's class was a massive leap forward for me in honing my artistic eye and technical technical skills alike. Justin's class was super useful both in terms of how to think about capturing a landscape image, and in how to handle the myriad choices available in post-processing to achieve a beautiful image in the end. I highly recommend Justin's workshops to anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level.

- Tom Weiland, Seattle, WA

Justin has created one of the best photo workshops around. From his deep technical knowledge to his desire to share with you his favorite shooting spots, he really strives to deliver a superb client experience on many levels. He is also an all-around personable, accessible and easy going teacher and leader, making the workshop not only educational, but a ton of fun. I highly recommend this workshop to photo students and enthusiasts of all levels.

- Eva Ho, Los Angeles, CA

I recently went on my second workshop with Justin. I've been using a pro DSLR for long enough to know the camera pretty well and I use it a lot. I knew Justin would have some fantastic locations to shoot, but I wasn't totally sure he could teach me much about my camera after teaching me so much about it during the first workshop. Was I ever wrong. He taught me a lot of practical and great tips not only on my camera, but on some of my lenses. He is always helping with advice on composition as well as how to look for special colors and details. And then the post processing - one of my favorite things. He always has really cool techniques and tips for pretty much anything you want to accomplish. He teaches in language that is clear and easy to understand for any level of photographer with any equipment. He carries a big pack full of equipment too - not to shoot with - he dedicates 100% of his time to his students. But how often do you forget a filter wrench, or wish you had a long or wide lens? Or your memory card fills or fails? Justin is there with his "magic bag" that can fill almost any need. No question Justin knows his stuff and is a gifted teacher! I'm hopelessly addicted, and I am already trying to decide which workshop to plan for next! You will not be disappointed going on a workshop with Justin.

- Lee Tenneboe, Seattle, Washington

I just completed my fourth adventure trip with Justin. I can’t recommend him more highly - as a person, a friend and a photography instructor. He doesn’t give trips where you pay for the privilege of seeing him shoot; his major concern is that you come away with improved technique and great images, and he works hard every day to achieve that goal. I can’t wait until our next adventure in the summer! -

Ron Bernstein, Miami, Florida

There were a few memorable moments that stood out from my first workshop with Justin at Zion National Park. One of the things that Justin covered included sharpness techniques. Sharpness was the first thing I noticed when I went through my photos at home. I felt like I was finally making full use of my equipment because the photos just had that extra pop to them. Zion is picturesque but being in the right place at the right time is crucial for that "wow" moment. Justin's intimate knowledge of Zion gave us the opportunity to shoot in the best light at every location. Lastly, I respect Justin for controlling a situation that affected the entire group. At one crowded location there was a distant photographer who thought he had found a good spot but in reality was in a handful of photographer's shots. People were trying to tell him that he was in the way but he seemed to ignore everyones request. Justin took it upon himself to approach the gentleman, explain the situation and kindly asked the photographer to relocate. He obliged and everyone was elated! That just shows how committed Justin is to the workshop participants and had our best interests in mind. Going into the workshop I didn't know what to expect. But I really had fun, learned various in-camera and post-processing techniques, and walked away with spectacular images! To prove my point I've already signed up for a second workshop with Justin and can't wait for another adventure!

- Terry Koyama, Honolulu, Hawaii

I've joined a number of Justin's tours for excellent locations such as the Gorge, the Palouse and Zion National Park. My photography improved by leaps and bounds because of Justin's sharp technical focus mixed with an artistic sense for location, light and subject matter. Because of the small, intimate group size, Justin was always accessible and patient with coaching to the skill level of each person on the tour. Coupled with an unfailing familiarity with the destination, and unique perspective on when and where to be, there is no other tour i would recommend more highly than Justin's. And his availability for private tours allows me to take advantage of his expertise in more experimental locations after i've exhausted all his current tour offerings!

- Frits Habermann, Santa Barbara, California

The best thing about a workshop with Justin is that it doesn't have to be a once in a lifetime experience even though it feels like it should be. It was amazing! He knows his stuff from A to Z and offers choices to satisfy any situation. He is a gifted artist and teacher with the ability to bring out the best in each student. He challenges you to think and plan and has the experience to know how to bring out the absolute finest variations in shots. His passion is contagious and his energy is endless. Just is one of the kindest, most patient teachers I've worked with, always ready and willing to help and offer suggestions. I knew my equipment could produce good images, but Justin brings out the magic!

- Lee Tenneboe, Seattle, Washington

I can't say enough about the wonderful backwoods photography adventure I had in the Pacific Northwest in August 2010 with Justin Reznick. Justin is a joy to be around. He is passionate, knowledgeable and is very familiar with some great photo spots in Olympic NP, Mt. Rainier NP and Mt. St. Helens. I wanted a trip that pushed some comfort boundaries, and this one was extremely rewarding. We stayed in campgrounds, hiked in and out of locations in the dark, with headlamps, and the only room we visited in four days was a national park rest room. Justin led the way through all these adventures with ease, and was anxious to share all the knowledge he brought to the table. I think that with guide books and the internet I could have done about 10% of what I did with Justin. I would not hesitate to go out with him again, and hope to do so.

- Ron Bernstein, Miami, FL 

I have been in customer service for over 25 years and the quality of service and dedicated commitment provided by Justin Reznick is unparalleled. He is totally committed to teaching the art of photography combined with the technology necessary in achieving the best that you can do with the time allotted. His focus is always on the task at hand and the success of his student(s). My personal photographic expectations were greatly exceeded after I had completed a backcountry tour and workshop in Zion National Park. I can’t begin to thank him enough for his level of commitment, creative challenges, superior support and guidance.

- Chuck Harlins, San Francisco Bay Area

Justin's workshop was awesome! The small group size and personalized instruction ensured that I got the most value for the money. He wasn't taking pictures of his own so he was always there to answer questions and offer his professional and honest opinion. In fact, I wouldn't have come home with one of my favorite images if he didn't tell me to put the waders back on and try the comp again. He took us to the best spots at the right time for the best light and fewest people. If you're reading this testimonial, you are probably looking for the right photographer for your next/first workshop... stop reading and sign up for Justin's workshop, you will NOT be sorry and you WILL be back for another... guaranteed!

- Joseph Balcken, Asheville, North Carolina

I had the privilege of private photography instruction with Justin in October 2011. We spent three days in Leavenworth exploring scenes he had already identified as potential photographic opportunities. His assessment of my abilities was immediate and addressed my novice status. Although we had to spend an inordinate amount of time on basics, his patience was inexhaustible. He gave me an entirely different vision of how to approach my images. With an expanded knowledge of camera functions, I now look forward to using my viewfinder more creatively. Justin is a gifted artist and teacher. His expansive knowledge of the technical as well as the artistic is a unique combination. He is committed to making each student's experience meaningful and a provides a path to the next level. I look forward to staying in touch with him and will do my best to seek his further instruction.

- Carolyn Fletcher, Boise, ID

I attended the Fall Workshop in Zion and it ended up being one of the best trips I ever made with my camera. We were shooting in the best light, at some of the most iconic locations in the park, and some others known only to Justin! He was always around, answering questions in the field and providing hints to make the shot better. In the end, I came home with some of the best pictures I ever shot and some useful techniques and skill which can be put to work anywhere, to achieve results I have always desired. I would love to join Justin again on one of his workshops in the future.

- Saravana Reddy, Los Angeles, CA

I had the pleasure of doing a photo tour with Justin Reznick at Spray Park on Mount Rainier during peak wildflower season. Justin really knows his way around the mountains and was well prepared should anything go wrong. All of hiking essentials I forgot, Justin had a spare for me to use. Once we got to our destination, Justin had great ideas about where to go for our comps since he had really scouted it out prior to our hike. He was extremely knowledgeable about the area, the mountain & weather patterns and which direction would be best to capitalize on the best light. I ended up getting some images I really love and had a fun day I will always remember. If you are considering going on a tour with Justin, I would encourage you to do so. I have not met a better or more knowledgeable outdoor photo guide in the Pacific Northwest. Justin comes highly recommended.

- Dene’ Miles, Seattle, WA

Justin guided me and three others through the joy of fall color photography in Zion National Park. He led us to locations iconic and private, lending his experience and artistry to help us find and craft our own beautiful images. Justin is a real professional---responsible, expert, organized---with a client-centered, can-do attitude. In the short time since my workshop, my photography has improved dramatically, with plenty of room to grow.

- Michael Allman, Los Angeles, CA

I was introduced to Justin by a friend who had asked me if I wanted to go to Zion with him and Justin on a four-person fall color tour. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after talking to Justin on the phone, that hesitation quickly left. Justin’s preparation, thorough emails and availability to take calls for my questions was really nice – great customer service. Justin was an excellent guide on the hikes that we did. He pointed things out along the way that the group otherwise would have missed. Once on site, Justin’s ability to help us see things differently, his hands on approach (he did not shoot on our hikes) and focus on the group was outstanding. I have read that other photo workshop guides have their assistants help the students, but not Justin. Once we got back and did processing, Justin was able to walk us through the finer points of Lightroom and Photoshop, tips I’ve been unable to find in books. All in all, it was money well spent and my colleague and I plan on doing future workshops with Justin.

- Mitch Lacey, Seattle, WA

I would highly recommend Justin Reznick’s photography workshops for those who enjoy an active workshop. Justin’s knowledge of photography, and the best times and locations to shoot, was outstanding! Justin shot very little, and instead spent his time teaching and assisting his workshop participants, something I have not seen in other workshops in which I have participated. Highly recommended!

- Mike Warren, Seattle, WA

I have been following Justin's work for a few years and have always been inspired by his slightly different and more intimate vision of fine art landscape photography. One day I saw he had an opening for his Palouse workshop on an image he posted at 500px and I decided straight away to grab it. The Palouse had been on my list for years and it was time to go before this location get overshot by the masses. Preparation & initial contacts From the first email contact you immediately get the impression how professional he is without being too distant. He always replies fast on the emails and is extremely meticulous when it comes to planning and preparation of what gear is necessary for the workshop. I was really surprised how detailed and in depth he went to ensure that you get the best possible experience. Just that fact that he asks if you have any own locations you would like to visit during the workshop is a good sign of how flexible he is in the planning. He advised me straight away that his workshops are always very open and flexible depending on weather and level of workshop participants which is a great plus. No fixed itinerary whatsoever. Workshop Schedule The daily schedule looked like this. Early start at 03.45 to get out in the field plenty in time for the sunrise. Shooting until the best light was over and back to the hotel for some breakfast and rest until midday. From 12 we either headed straight out in the field again or when weather wasn't right we did a two hour processing session before heading out after a quick stop for lunch. Field time and intensive shooting all way until the sunset was well over and everyone was ready to pack in for the day. Quick stop for a dinner and back to the hotel. As you see this workshop is all about spending as much time behind your camera as possible. Participants They work only with small groups with max 4 people per leader which gives you plenty of personal time with each leader. This time we were a fantastic group of 5 hardcore landscape photographers all more or less at the same level. This created a great atmosphere in the group and everyone was very openminded about ideas, compositions, suggestions, borrowing each others gear etc. No secrets held back!! This a huge plus as it guarantees you a lot of personal attention whenever you need it. Locations Justin and Jim don't hold hold back anything when it comes to locations. They take you to many secret spots and its quite rare to bump into other photographers out in the field. Classic spots like the Steptoe Butte, some famous barns and other known compositions were mixed up perfectly with some of their “own” secret spots plus we did some exiting scouting in pristine new areas not previously known before. One evening we went to the amazing Palouse Falls. Every single location would easily support our group of shooters with plenty of different compositional options which made it even more interesting when comparing our images afterward. Guidance Justin's and Jim's knowledge is really what this workshop is all about. They spend a lot of individual time with each member of the group advising continuously of compositions, techniques and other ideas. What really surprised me is that the workshop leaders hardly shoot themselves, which is very unusual on this type of workshops. On rare occasions they would pick their camera out when everyone was shooting along happily and they always asked before hand if they could shoot along us which is a really nice gesture. Professional and serious attitude to the max!! Processing We had a few processing sessions back at the hotel and I must admit they were a true eye opener for most of us. Justin's processing techniques and knowledge are second to none. They usually picked out an image or two from our daily shoot and went through every single editing step in a very clear and precise way until everyone was onboard. Justin is very open and straightforward about the techniques he uses. You never get the impression that he's holding back and he happily shares his “secrets”. The processing sessions were held during the day if/when the weather didn't corporate in our hotel and was a nice break plus you got a moment to look at each others shots. Who is it for? Any person with basic knowledge in handling an DSLR and a serious interest in landscape photography will benefit and become greatly rewarded from this workshop. Intermediate to advanced shooters even more so. Conclusion I cant praise this workshop highly enough. Well worth the long roundtrip from Spain in my case. We visited some truly spectacular locations, really making the most out of the days during the best possible times for good light. The leaders personal commitment to the group is fantastic and i really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. They were always there for you whenever you had a question, needed to try a lens or just consult on a composition. Considering how many hours they put in per day, the $795 they charged represents a tremendously good value. I ended with some fantastic shots, more inspired than ever and a lot of new tricks in my bag. Can wait to sign up for the next workshop!!!

- Michael Bolognesi (michaelbolognesi.com), Tenerife Island, Spain

You can contact me by Email here or by phone at 206-769-8338. 

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